'Driving' on North Avenue has a couple of different meanings. For me, it means anxiety. Not the traffic, but flying golf balls.

'FORE!" If you golf you fear that word. It means hit the deck, a golf ball is headed, at a very fast rate, in your direction! I should know, I'm a terrible golfer and have yelled it many, many times.

But when you're in the car cruising down North Avenue you won't hear if someone yells 'FORE!'

I have been hit twice by golf balls. One of them was while I was driving my car. Never expected that to happen. I was across the highway from a golf course. The only way that a golf ball should have been over there was if some stupid people purposely hit balls that direction. Like I said, stupid. It definitely startled me when it cracked into my back window. Scary stuff. I still carry that fear whenever I drive East on North Avenue and spot golfers on the course. I appreciate the fence, I really do, but my anxieties take over. Because, if there is somebody teeing off that equals MY slice, no car is safe.

I was walking West on North a couple of weeks ago and witnessed a golfer hit a ball OVER the fence, across the south lanes, and proceed to bounce no more than 30 feet in front of me, and ricochet off the Daylight Doughnuts building. I was nice enough to grab it, cross the street and return it.  But, it still makes me nervous.

Ever have an incident with a golf ball on North Avenue?


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