How have you survived the ups and downs of the recent local economy?
The best way to answer that question is TAKING CARE of our customer first and foremost. With people having less disposable income, we have tried to offer more options that everyone can afford. We actually manufacture our block, pavers and retaining wall right here in town, so we can offer better pricing to the consumer. Our industry is filled with big box stores that offer low end products for cheap prices. We want to offer products that are price conscious, but sell them with the service people need to be happy with their purchases. Many times our customers are spending a larger amount of money to remodel a yard or build an outdoor kitchen. We want them to know that they can call us with questions or problems and we will be there to help solve them, even 6 months down the road.

I REALLY want a new patio area and I don’t think I can afford it, what should I do?
Come down to the Brickyard! We have so many great displays in ALL price ranges. We have firepits you can build for under $50! There is something for everyone in our stores (including the one in Mesa Mall).

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