“What is the best way to save money to heat my home?”
The first place you should always start is by evaluating your insulation. Go into your attics and crawl spaces and physically see what you have going on in there. You might be surprised how little it is. In extremely old homes, it’s not uncommon for it to literally be old news papers. Look at your windows for caulking that needs replacing. ​Take they face plates off your outlets and see if there are insulation pads in them. All of those are common places that let cold in and let heat out.

“Is there a simple way to know if it’s too hot or too cold to stain my fence or deck?”
The ideal temperature for applying stains is between 50-75 degrees, And for it to stay that way for at least 48 hours after application to be on the safe side. However, just because the weather report says it’s between those temperature doesn’t mean that’s what it is on the surface of your wood. So the best way to know, is to touch it. If it’s slick, cold, or hot to the touch than staining is a no go.

“How much flooring do I need?”
All our flooring is figured by square footage. So bring us the length and width of your room and we’ll work out how much you need. We always recommend that you buy at least a box or two extra of any tile or laminate you pick out and preferably all from the same pallet as some dye-lots can vary. As for vinyl, we recommend buying at least a linear foot more than what you need. Why? Because houses, especially older houses that have settled, are hardly ever square. Cuts can be bad even for the most skilled of flooring layers. Better to have too much than having to try and match up it to get more later.

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