The legacy of the Moon Farm will live on. 

In 2013 the Moon family lost Ella. Since then the iconic farmhouse has been empty. But, not anymore.

Located at 1360 18 1/2  Road, this property has been the scene of countless field trips and day camps for 32 years. Thousands and thousands of Mesa County children have been through here. But, after Ella passed, the Moon family didn't know what they should do with the farmhouse. At first, they simply rented out an apartment that was on the property but didn't want anyone in the actual house. But, then something changed their minds. The Moon family decided to share the legacy with others. They began renting it out as a short-term vacation destination WITH all the original,(now referred to as 'retro') furnishings and decorations.


The farmhouse sleeps 12, while larger parties can camp out in the adjoining fields.

Just remember, this is not your typical hotel type experience. The first thing is that you are greeted by the Moon family and immediately taken on a tour of the area, including the chickens. It's a very warm, family feeling. Strangers become friends and guests usually volunteer to pitch in with whatever chores need to be done.

But, do not forget the Moon Farm is open every day except Sunday. That is until October. Here's the Halloween schedule.

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