While the popularity of old-school vinyl records in Colorado rises, it's not been enough to keep the local record stores in business. Sadly, we say goodbye to the final location of Colorado's most popular record chain.

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Popular Colorado Record Store Closes Final Location After 40 Years

Probably to nobody's surprise since I'm in the radio industry, I absolutely love music. I can relate some of my earliest memories in life to music. As a kid, I always loved playing music, all kinds, except country. I didn't learn to appreciate that until I was a little older I guess. My dad was a music buff and we'd always have great tunes cranked up in the car, or on a little transistor radio with headphones while on a bus, etc.

My love for music only grew as I got older and I started my music collection. My wife absolutely hates the amounts of CDs and records that I have in my garage. But as a kid, going to the local record store to buy new records, CDs, and tapes, was my favorite thing to do in the world. Sadly in 2023, music stores are few and far between, and now the last of an iconic Colorado music brand in Colorado has met its demise.

The Last Independent Records Location In Colorado Is Closing

After over 40 years in Colorado, with locations from Denver to Pueblo, the popular Independent Records store shocked its loyal fanbase by announcing that its last location, which is located in Colorado Springs, would soon be going out of business. This is happening just months after their location in Pueblo closed down. Their popular Denver location on Colfax closed back in 2013.

After seeing the post above, I reached out to the store to see if they had a firm closing date but they said it hadn't yet been announced by the owner. The liquidation sales have begun and will likely go fast, so if you're into awesome vinyl and are looking for some deals, head into Independent Records before they officially close. Thank you, Independent Records, your stores were a true treasure and will be missed.

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