Once in a great while comes a film franchise so terrifying, it'll make you mess your drawers. 'Resident Evil' is not that film franchise, but there are a few things you probably didn't know about how the series was made.

Join 5x5 and Continue? co-host Nick Murphy as he takes you behind the scenes on the production of Paul W.S. Anderson's long-running series of movies based on the classic Capcom zombie franchise. We bet you'll learn a thing or two about how 'Resident Evil' and all its sequels actually got made.

‘You Think You Know Movies?’ is a ScreenCrush original series that dives deep into the cinematic worlds of your favorite movies and freeze frames a few tidbits you might not have known. We’ve already tackled ‘Star Wars,’ ‘The Avengers‘ and ‘Spider-Man,’ but now, just in time for Halloween, it’s time to focus our attention on something a little scarier.

Yeah, the Resident Evil movies are cool, but they're not as creepy as the original games.

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