It's no secret we love our pets in Colorado, but there are some animals you just can't and shouldn't own.

While many of us think it would be awesome to own some exotic pets of our own, legally you aren't always allowed to have them.

Laws vary by state but for the most part, there are some exotic animals you can't and honestly shouldn't own. Let's check a few out.


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Well, shoot. Here I thought having a wildebeest in the front yard would not only keep the place safe and secure, but it would look really cool. Except, in all probability, I would never survive to own one. Nor would my house, neighborhood, and friends.


When they're young, they sure are cute, but once they hit puberty, all bets are off. There are stories of families who have "rescued" young raccoons only to have them turn angry and attack.

Monkey (and other primates)

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Even if they know how to drive, a monkey would not be a good pet for a number of reasons. Domestically speaking, animals born and raised in the wild should stay there. And even though this guy seems to know how to drive, using one as a chauffeur won't do much for you, or your car. Traffic seems to annoy him.

Barbary Sheep

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Well, for starters I had never even heard of these things. And I can't imagine why anyone would want to own one. Get domesticated sheep.


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Ok,  a what now? It's also known as a white antelope and can be found in the Sahara Desert. And since the conditions in Colorado aren't remotely close to those in the Sahara, you can see why it doesn't make sense. Plus the holes they would put in everything you own would have you repairing things constantly, and who needs more work?

Instead of those exotic, expensive and for many illegal animals, stick to the domesticated ones. Can you imagine cuddling up to those things?

Check out the entire list. Anything on here you would love to own?

  • Addax, Aoudad
  • Blesbok Barbary sheep, Brush-tailed possum
  • Chamois European hedgehogs
  • Gemsbok Wild and exotic goats, Goral Green frog Hartebeest
  • Ibex
  • Markhor Mouflon
  • Oryx
  • Wild and exotic pigs
  • Primates
  • Raccoon, Red deer
  • Sheep (wild exotic sheep and hybrids)
  • Striped skunks
  • Tahr, Topi
  • White-tailed deer Wildebeest
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