I had a great time talking with Josh Turner he just celebrated 15 years of marriage to his wife Jennifer a few days ago. Josh and Jennifer have four boys Hampton is the oldest then comes Colby, Marion, and Samuel.

I think out of all the artists I posted on Facebook I received the most likes for Josh Turner.  Everyone loves him, his latest album is Hometown Girl which was released last year. It's his first album in five years. Josh also wrote a book called Man Stuff available everywhere.

I asked Josh a few questions including:

1. What was your first celebrity crush? Sara Evans or Lee Ann Womack.

2. What makes your country? Where I am from and the way I was raised.

3. What did you collect as a kid?  He loved baseball cards.

4. Did you do anything as a kid to make money? He sold candy and loved eating it too. He said he would look for money in the couch to buy some chocolate for himself.

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