October is always one of my favorite Colorado seasons. Much as I love summer, as the weather starts to change and football fills the air, one of the highlights each and every year is obviously Halloween.

Parties, candy, food, cider, costumes, and happy kids everywhere - Halloween has a little something for everyone.

While Colorado as a whole is pretty awesome for a myriad of reasons that make you love fall, one town, in particular, stands out above the rest when it comes to a destination to celebrate the ghosts and goblins of Halloween. Obviously, it's right here in our backyard. I'm talking about Estes Park.

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This is a town that's leaned all the way into the reputation it's earned worldwide for being a mecca for ghost hunters, of course, because of the Stanley Hotel in particular.

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In fact, Trips to Discover recently released a list of the best towns in the US to spend Halloween, and Estes not only made the list but is prominently featured. In addition to the usual stories about the Stanley, they also cite some of the many Halloween events that happen in and around the town, making it a slam dunk of a night out if you're willing to make the drive up the canyon.

Whether or not you experience the magic of an Estes Park Halloween is up to you, but having done it myself, I highly suggest it for a memorable holiday experience!

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