You're locked in a room. Seemingly no way to get out, but then you notice a clue and another and soon, you and everyone with you are out of that room.

Sound fun? Well, it certainly is.

Grand Junction is one of only a handful of cities nationwide that have Epic Escape rooms available to play. And it's something that companies can use, families can use, all kinds of folks can get a lot out of an exercise like this.

The way it works is you are locked into a room with no visible means of escape, and you and the ones you are locked in the room with have 60 minutes to escape. You have to find clues, solve puzzles and escape the room.

Some of the games include The Abandoned Mine, The Watchmen's Chambers, The Missing Manuscript and more.

Epic Escape Grand Junction is located at 605 Grand Avenue and you can call ahead at (970) 985-4080. You don't need a team to play, but it sure is fun! Get over there and enjoy yourself!

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