I have to admit something. I love spaghetti.

To me, it's the perfect meal, and I'm not even Italian! Put some garlic bread with it and I am in culinary heaven. So where in Grand Junction can you find a heaping plate of this Italian deliciousness? Yelp helped us figure out where to go, so let me share with you. Just the info, not my spaghetti.

They make their own pasta here. And honestly, this place is one I could live in. I love the aroma as I walk by several times. I love the taste of all of the food here, but their spaghetti? It's something special indeed.

When it comes to delicious Italian food, who better to check out than Enzo's? So many choices here and the spaghetti? Magnifico!

If I had to name one of my top five restaurants of all time, this one would be in it. Literally, everything I have eaten here has been delicious and perfectly prepared. Spaghetti at Pantuso's has to be experienced and enjoyed.

I am normally not one to go to franchise restaurants, as they always seem to be missing that little something. Not Olive Garden. The spaghetti here goes well with everything they serve and once you try it, you'll know why.

Check those out and enjoy National Spaghetti Day!

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