Have you visited the new paved pathway at Grand Junction's Lunch Loop trailhead? It's awesome. If you haven't been there yet, take a look at what you've been missing.

Lunch Loop has been a popular hiking spot for a long time. Until recently, though, you were limited to the various dirt paths. Now, you can enjoy a fun walk along the new paved pathway following Monument Road.

Lunch Loop new trail 2019

With the fresh snow, it seemed an early morning walk was in order. Some of my favorite trails were beginning to get a bit stale, so it was time to visit some place different. I feel bad saying this, but last Saturday was my first trip to this area since they've added the paved portion.

Check out the gallery above. What do all of these photos have in common? No people. That's right. I walked this trail for over an hour and never saw another human being. On the one hand, that's cool. On the other hand, though, it means others weren't taking advantage of this awesome trail.

Another thing each photo has in common - things look pretty grey. Yes, it was an overcast, cold morning. That's just fine, though, considering that's my kind of weather. This was about 7:00 in the morning. Things did eventually brighten up.

According to the National Weather Service, we are looking at a 50% chance of snow for New Year's Day. Assuming you have the day off, or at least part of it, this would be the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy.

GJ Weather
National Weather Service

The trail was so much fun, it seemed wise to revisit it the following day. By Sunday, the trail had been cleared of snow.

Grand Junction lunch loop trail Dec 2019
Waylon Jordan

Following my visit, I couldn't help but feel a certain degree of regret. My dad spent the last few months of his life in a wheelchair, and couldn't utilize most trails. This new trail appears to be completely wheelchair accessible. This would have been an excellent opportunity for him to have enjoyed a little outdoor time in beautiful Western Colorado.

I strongly encourage you to check out this trail, preferably over New Year's. It's only minutes away from downtown Grand Junction, features ample parking, convenient restroom facilities, and is accessible to anyone. Please put it to use in 2020.

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