Appropriately, the video for Eli Young Band's single 'Dust' features lots and lots of dust flying around -- as well as fast cars and a beautiful woman. The group just released the clip for their second single from '10,000 Towns.'

At the beginning of the video, the film's protagonist -- a pretty brunette -- is tired of living in her small town, sick of her boyfriend, and ready for a change. She yanks off a necklace from her guy, hops in her 'hand me down Ford,' and runs it over before leaving town while driving fast and furious.

With a full tank of gas and dreams that are just waiting to unfold, she drives toward her bright future, in a sense, with a look of pure determination and grit. This gal is not a pushover; she knows what she wants.

Throughout the 'Dust' music video the band sings outdoors, standing on a dirt track that was specifically built for the shoot, located in Nashville, Tenn. As they sing, fast cars whip around them, stirring up dust and adding some excitement to the rockin' song. The band is also shown flying around in a Jeep, obviously having a great time.

“I remember we just started with the word ‘dust,’ we wanted to do something with that,” bassist Jon Jones tells “All four of us in the band have wives who come from very small towns. And I was thinking of my wife, who I feel was always meant to live in a big city. And she always felt that way growing up. So I just had her in my mind -- it’s not exactly a love song for her, but she was definitely on my mind when we wrote that song.”

At the end of shooting, EYB was probably very dusty, but the fun they had while shooting most likely made up for their dust-filled showers.