Referendum 2B, the referendum adding additional taxes for first responders in Grand Junction seems to have passed, based on early returns.

According to the city's election results posted late last night, the measure passed 9,244 for and 7,846 against.

Grand Junction will now have a higher tax rate than Denver or Vail at 9.16%. The money, as discussed earlier will go to build new fire stations and allow for the 29 Road interchange with I-70 to move forward.

In other election news, Referendum 2A failed to pass. The transportation measure which would have added .25 to the tax failed to pass, as did the Community center referendum, 2C.

City Council candidate Phillip Pe'a won in District B,  Anna Stout in District C won unopposed and Chuck McDaniel won the at-large seat.

Charter amendment 2E  passed, while 2F did not.

Grand Junction also voted to sell the Burkey Park property.

Grand Junction can now expect to pay nearly 10 cents on every dollar spent as a result of the measure passing.

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