Grand Junction's very own El Camino Burnout is in the running to be the opening act for Bon Jovi, and they're asking for your vote. Here's how you can send Western Colorado talent to the Pepsi Center in Denver to play for one of the biggest tours of 2017.

Bon Jovi's "This House is Not For Sale" tour will take them all over the country, performing in Greenville, Nashville, Dallas, and on March 14, Denver.

Bands around the nation were asked by Live Nation to submit a demo video. Those videos can be seen on Live Nation's "Bon Jovi Opening Act" contest page. From there, you can "Like" your favorite.

Please note, the winner will not be determined by the number of votes received. The official rules state "Share is for entertainment purposes only and has no bearing on winner selection." That having been said, a little love never hurts. Let the folks at Live Nation know that Western Colorado loves El Camino Burnout.

Grand Junction's El Camino Burnout consists of Brian Huntsman, Paul Barker, Ryan Green, Dio Musquiz, and Rob Labig. Band members Brian and Dio are currently in the final stages of production on their debut album, "Driving Too Fast."

This Bon Jovi contest came about and we decided 'why not try and see what could happen.' If it does, it's a dream come true to play in front of a sold out audience in a major arena. If it doesn't, well, we tried, and thanks everyone for the support and we'll be out performing soon. - Dio Musquiz

Please keep in mind, you can vote every day. Make this Grand Junction band's dream come true. Send El Camino Burnout to the Pepsi Center in Denver to open for Bon Jovi!

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