Ladies, we are here to make things easier. Of course, we would never encourage anyone to lie, however, sometimes it might be better if you did, or at least not tell us the whole truth. Here are a few things we -- guys -- would like you to fib about.

Here are 4 of our top hitters.

Past relationships - Part of us really wants to know about your former loves, but in reality, we do NOT want to know. Please don't tell us stories about amazing trips or gifts and adventures you have shared with previous boyfriends. Even if we ask, DON'T tell us.

What goes on in your bathroom - Selfish and childish I know, but let's just keep those duties to ourselves. It's not that we don't care, but do you really want to know what WE do in there?

How you feel about our friends - Not everyone gets along, however, these are my oldest and dearest friends. You don't have to hang out with them, but can you at least be civil?

Same goes my family - Insert above statement for this one as well. I can choose my friends, but not my family. I grew up with them, I'm used to them. It takes a while, trust me, give it some time.

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