Have you ever heard of a "Colorado Traffic Jam"? Traffic literally stopped for this event earlier this morning near Evergreen.

For the most part, Colorado residents are spared the headaches associated with traffic jams. Barring an accident, they don't typically happen on the western half of the state. Rarely have I encountered one in Denver. The residents of Evergreen, however, were stuck in a jam earlier this morning.

Not only are these Elk crossing the road, but they're also being good citizens and making use, almost, of the nearby crosswalk. Since the light is green, it's safe to say the Elk do not have the "Walk" sign. That's about the only faux pas, as near as I can tell.

I was born in this state, and have only encountered a situation such as this once in my life. That happened between Steamboat Springs and Oak Creek. That herd was only about half the size of that in the video.

Comments have poured in via Facebook:

Special thanks to Ashley Zivojnovic and Denver7 for sharing the video.

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