Driver's education is a big deal for any teenager, it means you're only months away from being able to grab your keys and going where you want (with your parent's permission). But for most of us that meant hours of time in a classroom learning and taking quizzes and actual driving lessons from an instructor you barely know. But times have changed as we are now finding out that AAA Colorado is now offering an online driver's education course for teens in Colorado.

The information was released by KDVR, and a big reason AAA Colorado wanted to make this information so readily available is that traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for people sixteen to nineteen years old.

The Most Dangerous Period of Time for Teen Drivers is Memorial Day through Labor Day

It probably doesn't shock you that during the summer months when teens have more free time because school is not in session, that time period is known as the one hundred deadliest days. It's also alarming to find out that sixteen and seventeen-year-old drivers are three times more likely to get into a fatal crash than an adult.

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More Details on the AAA Colorado Online Drivers Education Program

This new program in place will have the latest technology and roadway dangers already included. It's a 30-hour interactive course that has already been approved by the state of Colorado. Each student will still be required to complete the hours driving with an instructor but that seems to be the easier part of the course to finish.

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