You would think winter is winter, so what does it matter how we dress?

A lot, actually. Dressing for winter is difficult, especially when the weather changes the way it does.

Dress in layers

Anyone who has spent any time in Colorado knows you have to layer your clothing in winter. Mornings are usually bitter cold, so more clothing is necessary to stay warm but as the day progresses, it's going to get warmer, which is why we layer.

Be smart about your layers

Consider what activities you will be doing and layer accordingly. For example, there are a number of winter 5k runs in the state. If you plan on running in one or more, or if you are going to be hiking a lot, your first layer needs to be breathable, to allow for your body heat to dissipate. Wear too many or the wrong types of clothing for those types of activities could have a detrimental effect.

Support your local clothier

Go into any winter activity clothing store and they will steer you the right way as far as clothing is concerned. And if you really want to impress, make sure the clothes you wear are locally made or sold. It's amazing how much goodwill you can share sporting Loki winter wear, for example.

Smart Footwear

Here is a major public service announcement: Shorts and sandals are not your typical winter clothing choice, or shouldn't be. Snow plus skin equals cold, so make sure your footwear is correct for your activity. Just try walking around downtown in ski boots. And be sure to check for holes or rips as well. The last thing you want is your boots filling up with snow when you're out trying to have fun.


Lastly, give thought to how you shield your eyes from the sun and snow. What you wear on the slopes is different from what you wear to drive. And if you're like me, you have shades for all sorts of different things. The worst thing you could do is not shield your eyes. Get some good glasses on your face and avoid the harsh glare.

Get a small backpack for a change in clothes as well, in case the weather changes and you will be on top of it all.

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