A downtown Grand Junction restaurant is closed today (Tuesday, February 16) and tomorrow for a slight remodel. Check out this new fixture.

For some time now it's been stylish for downtown Grand Junction restaurants to add patios to their storefronts. When COVID-19 showed its ugly face, outdoor patios became even more popular.

For the next two days, Le Rouge at 317 Main Street will be closed. On Thursday, February 18, 2021, the restaurant will reopen with a brand new addition. Underway at this very moment, Le Rouge is adding a heated, closed patio.

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Waylon Jordan

Did you hear the magic word... namely "heated"? Right now cities across America are struggling with crippling low temperatures, ice storms, and power outages. Prisons are distributing extra blankets to inmates in order to cope with struggling heating systems.

What are the potential benefits of adding a heated outdoor seating area? According to the website calcana.com, the perks are significant. First, a restaurant can increase the amount of available seating. Another benefit would be the ability to escape the "stuffiness" of a crowded interior. The website states, "They [diners] can enjoy a pleasant breeze or simply escape the odors and noise inside the building."

A perfect example of a benefit offered by outside dining in downtown Grand Junction would be the opportunity to catch "the show." Think of how many events you'll find on Main Street in Grand Junction. In addition to the Market on Main, there are various parades, art walks, and various holiday events.

Other benefits suggested by calcana.com include the ability to create a unique dining experience, and the ability to create a specific ambiance. Le Rouge already offers a unique take on fine dining. There is little doubt a heated patio will amplify that ambiance.

I look forward to enjoying the new patio. The timing certainly is right. Western Colorado has been spared the ravages experienced by the eastern slope of Colorado, but it's still a long way from warm and toasty. That, combined the forecast of snow this coming weekend, makes this the perfect time for this new addition.

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