There are a lot of reasons to praise the city of Grand Junction and a lot of reasons that people come up with to poo poo on it as well. However, I posted a question on Facebook asking what your favorite things about downtown Grand Junction are and received a plethora of positive responses.

The Great Food

One of the reasons that many people consider downtown Grand Junction to be so great is the many great food options. You have places like the Blue Moon, Suehiro Japanese Restaurant, the Irish-themed Goat and Clover and The Feisty Pint, to name a few. All of these places are highly praised for their food and atmosphere and any one of them would be a good reason in itself to visit downtown Grand Junction.

The Entertainment

Of course, one thing about downtown Grand Junction that many people love is the live entertainment. Grand Valley residents cite the live music at The Mesa Theater, Avalon Theater, and even outdoor concerts on Main Street as definite reasons that they like downtown Grand Junction.

Festivals and Art

There are plenty of other reasons for downtown Grand Junction to have a special place in your heart such as the art pieces placed up and down Main Street, the Farmer's Market, First Friday Art Walks, and various outdoor festivals during the summertime.

Here's what you said were your favorite things about downtown Grand Junction in 2022:

Your Favorite Things About Downtown Grand Junction in 2022

According to you, these are the best things about downtown Grand Junction in 2022:

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