Those eclipse glasses you stood in line for came in handy for about two hours. Now that the show is over, what do Colorado residents do with the things? It's going to be a while before the state sees another eclipse. Here's a way you can put them to good use.

Why fill up the Mesa County Landfill with hundreds of thousands of those little cardboard glasses? You probably noticed the warning on the glasses advising you of their fairly short shelf life. Considering the fact they aren't exactly fashionable, it's unlikely anyone will continue to wear them for day to day use.

It just so happens there is something wonderful you can do with your leftover glasses. The website Gizmodo suggests you donate them. Astronomers Without Borders would like to use your leftover eclipse glasses for kids in Asia and South America who will experience an eclipse two years from now.

Right here, right now, DO NOT send your used glasses to Astronomers Without Borders. They aren't quite ready to begin receiving donations. They are busy getting their ducks huddled. You can visit their website and get in the loop. Sign up for their newsletter, and they will let you know how to get your glasses to the kids.

Well, the shows over, at least for those of us in this hemisphere. Those glasses sure will come in handy for those on the other side of the globe. Do you remember what a pain in the buns it was to find those glasses a week before our view of the eclipse? Spread the love, and donate your old glasses.

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