Things have changed drastically over the past several weeks and months, no one expected COVID-19 to disrupt our world like it has but unfortunately the only choice we have it to adapt to the changes. Some have been uncomfortable, some have seemed a bit extreme but we are now seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

It has been wonderful to leave work and see people enjoy food and beverages on the patios of restaurants downtown. Last weekend my wife and I made it out to a brewery and had lunch and a beer in the sunshine, it was fantastic. Although it was easy to see all of the changes with every employee wearing a mask. And all customers had to wear a mask when not seated at a table.

On top of the masks, there were lots of gloves being worn and hand sanitizer available for everyone to use as necessary. The changes were evident, but who is going to pay for all of these changes. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and other new sanitation measures cost money to implement.

To me as the consumer, I fully expect to see the cost of going out to increase. It probably won't be anything extreme but restaurants already struggle with food costs and labor costs so with their costs increasing, we should expect our bill to increase a few dollars due to COVID-19.

Are you okay with paying a few dollars on your bill for a COVID-19 surcharge or is that something that would make you choose to dine elsewhere?

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