Give the gift of life, and then take a friend skiing. Western Colorado's regional blood bank is in a jam, and donors are needed.

Even the mighty Bloodmobile has an off day from time to time. It seems the Bloodmobile suffered a major radiator crack and is taking a couple of sick days. As a result, the St. Mary's Regional Blood Center was forced to cancel a handful of blood drives.

Since they can't come to you, it seems you'll have to go to them. Do you need a little incentive? Well, saving lives is a good reason to donate. Here's another. When you donate blood in February, you'll receive a "Buy One Get One Free" coupon good for lift tickets at Powderhorn.

Speaking of Powderhorn... Two weeks ago I took a vacation day and went up to Powderhorn. This was my first ski outing in almost a decade. It was AWESOME! Imagine getting a BOGO deal on lift tickets. It could happen. All you have to do is donate blood during the month of February.

For old times sake, here's my list of five reasons why you should donate blood.

  • It's painless. Seriously, it doesn't hurt. Yeah, they have to poke a finger with a little needle to get a sample, and that's kind of a drag. Aside from that, you hardly notice anything.
  • The people at the blood bank are awesome.
  • You really do get free orange juice and cookies!
  • You never know when you might need blood. Wouldn't it give you real peace of mind to know there was blood waiting should you need it?
  • You literally are saving a life. How many times today will somebody need blood right here in Grand Junction? How about around the country? Will it be someone you know? A family member? Be proactive! Emergencies happen without warning, but that doesn't mean you can't be prepared.

The St. Mary's Regional Blood Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon.

Save a life, and then take a friend skiing at Powderhorn. Donating takes a matter of minutes. I believe you'll find it to be a rewarding experience. Donate today.

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