Back in the '70s and '80s, Don Williams was one of the kings of country music. Returning to mainstream country with a music video for 'Imagine That,' Williams called on his good friend Keith Urban to make a cameo in the clip.

As expected, the video is as classic as Williams himself. It kicks off with a shot of the singer worn boots walking down a hallway. He sits down, pulls out a beat up guitar, and starts strumming away. The camerawork captures the crow's feet on the side of the legendary country star's face -- surely they were earned from late nights playing music.

During the first verse of the song, Urban walks through the door and starts to chat with his old friend. After a few laughs, he picks up his own guitar -- which is remarkably newer and contains fewer battle scars than Williams' -- and starts riffing.

The upbeat, bluegrass-country hybrid is complemented perfectly by the video. Urban and Williams play like old friends, and the 'Imagine That' video showcases them sitting together, trading secrets and sharing a few laughs. It looks like Williams is passing the country torch on to Urban.

At the end of the clip, Williams simply says, "Okay, we'll see you all later!" And as the screen fades to black, he adds, "Imagine that."

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