An adult male deer wearing what looked like an orange dog collar entered a couple's yard and proceeded to attack them.

The deer approached the yard wearing the collar and, thinking the animal was safe, she reached her hand out and the deer touched it with its nose before entering into the yard and knocking the woman back into a barbed-wire fence. Her husband then distracted the animal and it attacked him, goring him several times and dragging him around the yard.

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His wife ran inside and called the police, then grabbed a pellet gun and shot at the animal, distracting it long enough for her husband to getaway.

Douglas County Sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene and ultimately had to put the buck down out of safety for themselves and the homeowners.

Wildlife officials believe the animal was raised by humans but released into the wild when they could no longer handle it. Officials noted there were other incidents involving the deer, but this one was the only one in which anyone was injured.

A man posted pictures of it on Facebook and, earlier in the day, it went after a ten-year-old boy before another resident pulled his car in between the boy and the deer.


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