While some people are advocating to officially name Dolly Parton the Queen of Christmas, perhaps the Most Interesting Woman in the World would be more fitting. The country veteran stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Nov. 30 and shed light on some wild rumors swirling on the internet about her.

Does Dolly Parton Dress Like Santa Claus Each Christmas?

Perhaps Parton is the Queen of Christmas. After confirming that her holiday decorating does include a Christmas tree in every room, Fallon asked if it's true that she dresses like Santa each year.

"I do. That's true. Well, see, I'm very big on my family — all my little nieces and nephews and now my little grand nieces and nephews," she shares. "And so, I go pick them up — after I got the money to do it — in a limousine, but it's like our sleigh. So I go get them in my Santa suit and pick them up. They come to my house for a day and a night."

"I have an elevator in my house that I've had painted like a chimney down under, and so I come down the elevator in my Santa suit with my bag," she continues. "So, I dress up and take them around. They spend the night with me. We do cookies and fun stuff."

Fallon held up a photo of Parton and her great nieces and nephews in front of the "chimney" for everyone to see. The "9 to 5" singer noted that the youngest boy in the photo — William — was cast as an elf in her holiday movie, Dolly Parton's Mountain Magic Christmas.

Did Dolly Parton Lose a Dolly Parton Look-Alike Contest?

Egged on by her friends, Parton says she took part in a Dolly Parton look-alike contest around Halloween one year. Without a major prize to be won, it wouldn't have hurt for her to take home the title. After all, she was clearly cheating.

"Yep. I thought it'd be fun. They give you free drinks, you don't really win anything," she confesses. "So, some friends of ours, we thought it would be funny. So, I overexaggerated and put the bigger beauty mark and the bigger hair, bigger everything."

As it turns out, the joke was on her.

"I walked across the stage and got a little trickle of applause. So, I lost the contest, but we had a big time because of it. They didn't even consider me," she says, feigning offense.

Does Dolly Parton Sleep With Makeup On?

Even in the event of a natural disaster, Parton refuses to look anything less than her glamorous self.

"Yeah, it is true. It's true when I'm in L.A., because they have so many earthquakes and I'm always scared to death that there's gonna be one in the middle of the night. And I don't want to be out on the street with stuff coming around and the TV cameras out there," she explains. "So, I leave my makeup on out there and I leave my wig on a nightstand or I'll fix my hair a little bit to make sure I'm not gonna look too bad."

Dolly Parton Bought Her Family Their First Television Thanks to a Greasy Pole

Not even Fallon could believe this rumor was true. Parton immediately recounted the childhood story without having to confirm it outright.

"Well, I was 10 years old when I started singing on a local radio and television show. And I was a little ol' tomboy, because I grew up with all them brothers. There were 12 of us kids, and we were all just wild little mountain kids," she begins. "So, anyway, I knew how to climb a tree, and this show that I was on — they had a show that I was singing on down in Sevierville — and they had a greasy pole at this theater where we were singing. At the top of the pole — they had it stripped down — and if you climbed it, there was $100 or a few hundred dollars whatever it was, I don't remember now, at the top of the pole. And nobody could climb it."

Parton says she used a little bit of her outdoorsy know-how to give her a leg up on the competition.

"So, I was on a little break, and I kind of rolled around in the dirt, a little gravel, and got a little bit of dirt on me and I climbed up that pole and I got that money," she continues. "They were mad because I was an entertainer, thought it was rigged somehow. And the guy that ran the show said, 'How in the hell can you rig a greasy pole?'"

The "Jolene" singer used the money to pay for a television for their family home. No one in the area where they lived had a television at the time. She said neighbors were always coming over to watch Wagon Train and Woody Woodpecker.

"My daddy said, 'We got to get rid of this damn television,'" she says with a laugh.

Did Dolly Parton Hide a Secret Song at Dollywood?

Parton has spoken in the past about releasing new music posthumously. She confirmed to Fallon the rumor that one of those songs is buried at Dollywood and won't be released until the year 2045.

"That's the truth. We do a lot of things at Dollywood and one year we thought about that. They asked me if I would write a song that nobody would ever hear — I'll be dead and gone," she explains. "Well, I might not be because I'll be 99. You know me, I might still be hopping around. But I have regretted that because it was a really good song. I keep wanting them to let me dig it up and put something else in it that's not as good."

PICTURES: Look Inside Dolly Parton's Longtime Nashville Home

Dolly Parton's surprisingly humble former home in Nashville has finally sold, after many years on and off the market. Parton and her husband, Carl Dean, purchased the 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home in 1980, and they owned it until 1996. It's been on and off the market for 12 years, finally selling for $849,000 in December of 2021.

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