Yep, somebody blew a hole right in the middle of poor Colonel Sanders. It happened about 40 years ago at the KFC at 12th and North in Grand Junction. Do you remember when it happened? Do you know who is responsible?

The first order of business; back in those days, it was called Kentucky Fried Chicken, not KFC. The franchise changed the name to an acronym because they wanted to take "fried" out of the name. Note to owners - we are very much aware your chicken is fried.

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The company recently decided to change the name back to "Kentucky Fried Chicken", and to resurrect its legendary icon, Colonel Sanders.

We used to have a Colonel Sanders statue at the KFC at 12th and North. Then, someone shot it.

One night, it happened...the Colonel Sanders statue was just standing there, minding its own business, when someone drove by and blew a hole in him. Fortunately, this happened after hours, so no innocent bystanders were harmed in the attack.

It was every bit as big a mystery as "Who shot J.R.?" Everyone in Grand Junction wanted to know who shot the Colonel.

If memory serves, this case is still open. To my knowledge, no suspects have been apprehended and charged in this drive-by shooting.

If you have information as to the identity of the person or persons responsible for this crime, you might want to call the authorities. Then again, you might not. The case is 40 years old, the Colonel Sanders statue is probably in a landfill somewhere, and those responsible are undoubtedly doing time at a nursing home near you.

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