Are you a hunter? What do you hunt for deer, elk, or sheep?

I am originally from Washington state and can remember coming home only to find more deer horns hanging in my mom's house. My mom's dog kept finding the antlers in the woods and bringing them to her. These horns were a real trophy for my mom she was so proud of her dogs. My mom then just hung all the antlers on the wall. It was her house so she could do whatever she liked.

On the other hand, I thought it was a little strange to see about 15 sets of antlers hanging in the living room. Do you know anyone who has heads of anything on their walls? Or perhaps more Antlers than my mom had?

By the way, I think my mom was on to something as Antlers are worth quite a bit. Even just a little six point is worth as much as 35.00.

If you plan on hunting in the Grand Valley now is a perfect time. If you want to hunt deer, elk moose with your bow now is the time and if you prefer shooting with muzzleloading rifles the season continues through October.
Regular rifle season begins in October and lasts through mid-November.

To find out more including where to get your license you can log on here.

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