There you are, just minding your own business, trying to use the ATM, when all off a sudden some guy with a personal space of about three inches gets in line behind you. Do you get totally creeped out when you have someone staring over your shoulder when trying to get cash? Do you sometimes wish there were some established protocols when it comes to ATM etiquette?

Have you ever used an cash machine similar to the one above, only to have a person walk into the booth while you are still in the middle of your transaction? Is this necessary?

Convenient parking is located only a couple of feet from the front door, and other ATM users could wait patiently in their car until such time as you are done and out of the structure.

What do you do if someone walks into the little room while you're still conducting your transaction? According to, it is perfectly acceptable to ask the person in line behind you to step back and give a little extra space.

A survey conducted by Lou Russo at 94.3 The Point asked voters to determine the proper length individuals should keep between themselves when in line at the ATM. According the survey, 46.67% of voters believe you should maintain a distance of at least ten feet when using the cash machine. Another 16.67% believe ATM users should observe a distance of more than ten feet.