Some businesses in downtown Grand Junction are complaining that special events held downtown are actually hurting their revenue. Some merchants claim the special events and concerts held in the area are preventing customers from visiting their businesses. Do downtown events motivate you or deter you from visiting downtown Grand Junction businesses?

According to KJCT, some downtown business owners have stated road closures and limited parking resulting from downtown events have motivated some regular customers to avoid the downtown area altogether.

One downtown business owner, Ron Maupin of Haggle of Vendors Emporium, says "We have regular customer's that come to see us from out of town and if they can't get close to use because they have to walk two or three blocks to get to us then they just don't come that day."

Not to be a jerk, but, my last three visits to downtown restaurants were due completely to the fact that an event was going on in the area. I went to restaurants while attending the Farmers Market and the Downtown Arts and Jazz Festival.

In any case, that's me. What about you?