2019 is a banner year for Walt Disney Pictures, in no small part thanks to its animated past. Aside from the sure-to-be-huge Frozen II arriving this Thanksgiving, Disney’s released three remakes this year of its previous animated films, including Dumbo, Aladdin, and this week’s The Lion King. Each of the films on which these remakes are based are among the favorites of children the world over, and there’s little doubt that Disney will be fiscally pleased with most of the results. (Dumbo was something of a flop, relatively speaking.)

To date, even though it feels like all Disney makes is remakes, they’ve only had 12 live-action remakes or revamps of their previous animated or live-action/animated hybrid films. Which is best? Which is worst? Let’s take a look at the list to find out.

Gallery — The Best Disney Villains:

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