This land first belonged to the Fremont Indians, living here from 250  to 1300 AD. You will find their petroglyphs in a number of areas beginning at BLM Bangs Canyon Management Areas.

It would be worth a day trip to hike just to see the petroglyphs it's a fairly easy hike22 and is only about a mile and a half. You will have cell phone service depending on your cell phone carrier.

The petroglyphs can be found along a side trail of the Rough Canyon trail. If you are not careful you will miss it. Find their exact location before going on the hike so you don't miss it. Unfortunately, some of the petroglyphs were damaged by vandals if you see anyone doing damage to any of the petroglyphs you are urged to report them.

There is no cost to hike the area, and if you see anyone digging or damaging the petroglypsh you are urged to report them. PHONE 970-244-3000

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