If you did, well then... you blew it. Phil Vassar is a stud, and I mean that in a very heterosexual way. He's a killer songwriter, a monster musician, and a remarkable entertainer. Now that I've run out of creative adjectives, perhaps the pictures can do the rest.

The evening began with opening act "The Desert Flyer Band."

Tonya McFarland

Next up, with their farewell performance, local favorites "Drop Top Lincoln."

Waylon Jordan

When Phil Vassar took the stage at the Mesa Theater and Lounge the audience went nuts. Vassar is well known for his performance energy and fan-friendly personality.

Waylon Jordan

The concert ended up being a request show as Vassar performed tunes purely on a song by song basis with the audience calling the shots. As you can imagine, Carlene and Six Pack Summer were among the first tunes to be played.

Waylon Jordan

Next up for Vassar, concert stops in Sarasota, Florida, and Bakersfield, California.