It's wine o'clock somewhere, and after reading this study I'd say it's time to raise our glasses and cheers to the delicious fruity liquid.

A recent study from Zippia just reported that Colorado has ranked sixteenth on the list of states who love wine the most. Coming in at number one was Idaho, who, according to the study, consumes 38 bottles of wine for every person that lives there.

Wow. I mean, sure, that sounds like a good way to have a good time in a state that isn't really famous for anything besides potatoes.

In the craft beer capital of the world, could it be true that we like wine just as much as our beloved homebrews? The answer is yes. Colorado consumes 16.6 bottles per person and our favorite type, on average, is Cabernet. This is no surprise to us here at Townsquare Media, especially after our 2020 event Wine Time, which gathered like-minded winos in a tasting extravaganza. Plus, even one of our favorite craft breweries has decided to get into the wine-making business: Odell Brewing Company announced their OBC Wine Project last year. 

Despite working for a brewery for a while, I great to love wine after a visit to Palisade, Colorado, known for their fruitier wines and adorable peach stands. If you're a self-proclaimed wino and haven't taken a trip out to Palisade yet, I highly recommend it.

For now, let's uncork a bottle of red and raise a glass to our glasses of vino.

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