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It's always good to see a familiar face.

We'd like to give a big "welcome back" to Deputy Ralphie at the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

Ralpie showed up in Grand Junction over the holiday weekend and he's expected to be in town until Christmas. Exactly what Ralphie will be doing between now and then is anybody's guess - and that's one reason why everyone is so interested in his exploits.

One day Ralphie might be riding on the back of a reindeer, and the next day he's likely to be having donuts with a cop. You can follow the adventures of Ralphie each day with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

Mesa County Sheriff's Office
Mesa County Sheriff's Office

In this photo from Monday, we can see Ralphie is ready to head out on patrol with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. One thing we notice that's different about Ralphie this year is he is wearing a mask. He's definitely demonstrating some excellent leadership -- leading by example. That kind of leadership is certainly refreshing, as we don't always get good, solid leadership from individuals in high positions.

I'm sure if you were to ask Ralphie what his best advice would be this holiday season, the first thing he's going to tell you is to wear a mask whenever you are around other people and keep your distance. I believe he'd also tell you to stay alive this holiday season and don't drink (or text) and drive. That's great advice, Ralphie.

Be on the lookout for Ralphie around Grand Junction over the next few weeks, because you just never know where he's going to be. If you don't spot him, just check out the Mesa County Sheriff's Office Facebook or Instagram page because they will be giving regular Ralphie updates during the holiday season.

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