Humans aren't the only ones reveling in the Colorado Avalanche's Stanley Cup win ⁠— the animals are getting in on the fun too.

When the team began facing off with the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Denver Zoo decided to make a lighthearted bet with the "competition" ZooTampa at Lowry Park.

According to a Facebook post, the Denver Zoo agreed to highlight ZooTampa's conservation work with manatees if the Avalanche lost. On the other hand, ZooTampa promised to showcase the Denver Zoo's conservation work with boreal toads if the Lightning lost.

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We all know how the finals turned out, but the Denver Zoo decided to be a good sport and help out ZooTampa anyway.

"Manatees are a treasured key species for the state of Florida, and ZooTampa at Lowry Park is an international resource for manatee care," shared Denver Zoo. "For nearly three decades, ZooTampa has been entrusted in emergency situations to intervene, triage, and save critically injured, sick, and orphaned manatees with the goal of returning each one to its native waters."

ZooTampa also held up their end of the bet and gave the Denver Zoo props on their Facebook page.

"For the last few years, Denver Zoo has been involved with various conservation projects for boreal toads, a state-listed endangered species," said ZooTampa. "After another successful breeding process, Denver Zoo is [thrilled] to release hundreds of boreal tadpoles into the Colorado wilderness to help bolster wild populations this summer."

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