Outpacing cities like Nashville, Tn and Atlanta, Ga, Denver continues to grow.

But is it the fastest growing city overall in the state?

No, it isn't. Not according to WalletHub.

Now, before you get too confused, they put all of the cities together, regardless of size to see who grew the fastest, then broke it down by the size of the city. In that regard, Denver finished as the third fastest growing city in Colorado, trailing Loveland and Greeley. In the overall list, regardless of size, Denver finished 34th.

Several Front Range cities made the top 500, including Longmont, Boulder, and Aurora. Grand Junction did not make the list, nor did any Western Slope city.

The rankings were determined by several factors, including potential regional economic growth, job/income growth, and long-term prosperity.

Overall, no Colorado city made the top ten for fastest growing cities, but  Loveland did in the small cities group, finishing tenth.

Does this mean the Western Slope of Colorado isn't growing? Or that it is seen as an undesirable place to live? Not at all. Several stories have been shared showing Western Slope growth to continue well into the century and city sizes changing drastically.

Do you want to see the Western Slope grow to rival the Front Range?


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