Two weeks ago the Denver City Council voted to repeal the pit bull ban in the city, but it was vetoed by Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and so it came down to a vote on whether or not to overturn the veto.

Denver City Council member Chris Herndon had put forth legislation to end the ban on American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers or Staffordshire Bull Terriers in Denver, and it initially passed but Mayor Hancock vetoed it.

Last night the vote came down to overturning the veto or allowing the ban to remain and the vote ended 8-5 in favor of keeping the ban.

Since 1989, when the ban was put in place there have been 1,453 pit bulls euthanized. Pit Bulls are feared by many for their aggressiveness and severity of their bite, but in studies done, pit bulls don't have the most severe bites of dog breeds. That distinction falls to American Bull Dogs, Dalmatians and Dachshunds, breeds that do not have bans.

Opponents of the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) vow to continue to try and get the ban overturned, most likely through some sort of ballot initiative.

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