They say, 'No good deed goes unpunished.' A Denver man is now looking at $1,000 'punishment' for trying to make things look better.

We've all heard stories of how HOAs are always the bad guys, laying down all these fines for homeowners not using the right paint, or mailboxes, or having too big of a dog...etc. Here's another one for the annals.

According to Denver7, this man in Denver had pointed out to his HOA that his neighbor's juniper bush was growing out onto the sidewalks and needed trimming. They didn't do anything about it. He pointed it out to the landscaper; the landscaper didn't do anything.

So, he took it on himself and trimmed those bushes back a bit.

Later, he received a letter from the HOA's lawyer saying he owed $1,075 because now the bushes have to be removed and replanted after his 'volunteering to help.'

Not much of a 'thank you,' really, in my opinion.

Denver7 reports that for this man to fight the HOA's 'fine,' he'll have to spend a lot of money taking it to court; so, he's going to pay the money because the HOA could put a lien on his house. That would be the last thing that anyone wants.

Advocates are trying to get Colorado to join other states in having these disputes bypass the court-system, thereby saving everyone time and money.

Get more on the HOA hassle from Denver7 HERE.

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