Psilocybin, also known as "magic mushrooms" is getting closer to decriminalization in Denver.

Today (January 7) a group known as Decriminalize Denver (Formerly known as Denver for Psilocybin) is submitting signatures to get the decriminalization of psilocybin on the May 2019 ballot. The group claims to have over 8,000 signatures which are more than enough to get the measure on the ballot, as only 4,726 are needed.

The Federal government currently classifies it as a schedule 1 drug, meaning it has no acceptable medical use and poses a high risk for abuse.

A study done in 2016 by the Journal of Psychopharmacology suggests psilocybin may have significant results with patients with cancer. According to the study made, patients felt less anxiety and depression due to cancer when on the drug. It is, for this reason, the group is resubmitting for inclusion on the May 2019 ballot, as they were unable to get on the November 2018 ballot.

The initiative would make psilocybin a low priority for law enforcement and would allow the personal use and possession for those 21 and over. It does not legalize it, only decriminalize it. It will also set up a review panel similar to the one used by marijuana, two members of which would be Denver City Council members.

While 90,000 signatures are required to take the initiative to the state level, the group believes it has enough signatures now to get on the ballot in May.

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