Even people who don't love the Marvel Universe can appreciate the humor of Deadpool.

While the film is most famous for its fourth-wall-breaking star Ryan Reynolds, there's another actor in the movie stealing fans' hearts: T.J. Miller.

Miller plays Weasel, Deadpool's hilarious bartender buddy — and he's also a Colorado native.

Inside Deadpool actor T.J. Miller's Colorado connection

Miller grew up in Denver and caught the acting bug at the local East High School. According to NPR, Miller even credits his now-retired high school drama teacher, Melody Duggan, for steering him toward comedy.

The Denver Post reports that, since Miller made it big, he has done various stand-up specials at the Gothic Theater and shot his short film, "I'm Having a Difficult Time Killing My Parents," at his parents' Denver home.

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He also married his wife, Kate Gorney, at the Denver Botanic Gardens in 2015.

Will T.J. Miller be in Deadpool 3?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it. In an interview on The Adam Carolla Show, Miller revealed he isn't returning for the highly-anticipated third Deadpool because he has beef with Ryan Reynolds.

Miller alleged that Reynolds was "horrifically mean" to him on set — but Looper notes there is reason to doubt his claims, including reported difficult behavior on the set of tv-show Silicone Valley.

Here's hoping that Miller and Reynolds can make amends.

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