Lookout stargazers, a meteor shower will streak across the sky this weekend. Where are the best, and by best I mean "darkest," places in Western Colorado to watch?


The site DarkSiteFinder.com offers a few helpful tips. From this site, you can literally search the world and find the darkest locations. You can zoom in so close you can literally narrow it down to a singular street.

As you can imagine, heavily populated areas have a high degree of light contamination. There are, however, many nearby and easily accessible locations which offer considerable darkness, just perfect for this event.

Looking at the map, you'll notice areas on the Grand Mesa, parts of Highway 141 between Whitewater and Gateway, not to mention resort areas around Cimarron, all offer ideal places to watch the meteor shower. For that matter, you could head out to some of the exits near the Colorado/Utah state line on I-70 and enjoy a little peace and tranquillity.

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