A national burger chain with several locations in Colorado is under scrutiny. A recent decision has given some customers a case of grumpypants.

The chain Culver's operates 900 restaurants in 26 states. You'll find 22 Culver's restaurants in Colorado, the newest operating in Grand Junction. The entire chain is making a flip, causing some patrons to flip out.

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A Change Taking Place At Culver's

The new store in Grand Junction, Colorado is probably one of the only restaurants in the company not making the change. Why aren't they changing? Simple: The Grand Junction location is so new, only a couple of weeks since opening, the change was already in place when they opened doors to business.

In a nutshell, the popular burger chain is switching from Pepsi to Coca-Cola.

Is This a Top Secret Mission?

If you look at Culver's Facebook page, you'll find no mention of the switch. The chain's official webpage makes no mention of it, either.

Has Anyone Noticed?

You better believe it. The website Pantagraph reports "...people have sounded off beneath unrelated posts on Culver's page." This is an absolute fact. Peruse Culver's Facebook page, and you'll see a post praising the wonders of cheese curds. Beneath that post in the comment section, you'll find this:

Culver's Switch From Pepsi to Coke comment
Facebook / Canva
Culver's Switch From Pepsi to Coke comment 2 (1600 × 250 px)
Facebook / Canva

The Flip Side

There are, of course, those who prefer Coca-Cola over Pepsi. Pantagraph shared the comment, "Thank you for switching to Coke. Great choice. That’s why almost all other national chains use Coke. It’s the best."

The Word From Culver's

According to Pantagraph, the company isn't tracking customers' reactions. Culver's spokesperson Alison Demmers said, "So, I don't know, did X amount of guests say it's positive and X amount of guests say it's negative. But overall, we're getting some guest questions and we're answering those as best we can, as well as positive sentiment from guests who obviously love Coca-Cola."

Why The Change?

The company has chosen not to comment on what motivated the change. Demmer added, "We're not really going into details behind the (switch), the rationale, other than it was what's best for our restaurants at this time."

A Few Beverages Will Remain The Same

While the chain is switching to Coca-Cola products, Culver's will keep the signature root beer, diet root beer, teas, and Dr. Pepper. The photo below is the beverage dispenser at Culver's in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Grand Junction Colorado Culver's Beverage machine
Waylon Jordan / Canva

Has This Already Happened?

The Grand Junction, Colorado restaurant, the 900th in the chain, served Coca-Cola products from the get-go. Other stores are making the switch, but not all at once. Demmer adds, "All I can tell you is that we're currently switching all restaurants to Coca-Cola, and it will take a while to get all 900 restaurants."

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