Videos went viral of cats getting scared by cucumbers, so of course, we had to test it out.

My roommate's cat was the subject of this cucumber prank. We placed the large cucumber behind her cat Sinbad and nothing; he just stared at it. After several failed attempts, we gave up and left the cucumber and Sinbad alone.

He then befriended the cucumber.

Cat Cucumber

The cucumber became his cuddle buddy for the night.


He connected pretty quickly to this vegetable. He even became protective of his new friend. He's a strange cat.

Cat Cucmber

Cats supposedly think the cucumber is a snake and that is why they jump. Our cat is either fearless, or not real bright. I prefer to think he knows it's not a snake, so he really is smart, but then when I think about him befriending a cucumber, I just don't know.

Have you tried the cucumber prank on your cat?

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