CSU Chancellor Tony Frank has responded to conservative media outlets that criticized the school over an inclusive language guide that went viral last month. The inclusive language guide that was leaked online encouraged students and staff not to use the words "American" or "America."

Tony Frank doesn't deny that the inclusive language guide exists but clarifies that the version leaked online was an unfinished draft. He says in a statement that CSU staff people "created an internal guide on inclusive language because other staff members asked for it." He goes on to say that the idea behind it is so you don't offend someone with your words.

Tony Frank in the Denver Post opinion section:

"That old version, mistakenly not labeled as a draft, was left open on one staff member’s website, an artifact from last fall when there was an active discussion about the topic among the engaged staff."

As of Monday at 8:00 a.m. 9 News is reporting that this is the most updated version of the CSU language inclusion guide.

Some of the words that are still discouraged in the updated version of the "guide" are he, she, ladies, gentlemen, men, and woman.

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