Credit card skimmers were just discovered at a gas station on 32 Road in Clifton. These skimmers steal your credit card number and you won't have a clue.

On September 28th, credit card skimmers were found at the C&F gas station on 32 Road, according to KKCO. These skimmers are tricky because you can't see them on the outside of the pump. They can easily be installed in less than a minute and you'll have no idea until your credit card is charged.

A sure way to tell is to look for the security seal sticker on the pump. This is where exactly C&F gas station is in Clifton.

Credit Card Skimmers Discovered at Gas Station on 32 Rd
Google Maps

Make you're observant every time you make a trip to a gas station. Look for a skimmer BEFORE you swipe and if you see one, don't swipe -- but do tell an employee. You can find the security seal sticker next to the card reader.  There's even an app to detect them too.

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