This 17-year-old went to the public beach, keep that part in mind, to fly his drone and ended up being attacked by this crazy woman who thought he was some sort of pervert. How much do you want to bet she is a single woman and will be that way for awhile?

Remember that public part I said to keep in mind? Well, if you go to any public place like the park, a street fair or the beach you are being photographed. There are cameras everywhere today and that is just the way it is.

This guy is flying his drone around in public airspace over the beach where everyone should have his or her clothes on right? So what was up with this lady? I would say she is one of those crazy people who think where ever they are is some how they’re own privet areas. I’m sure most of you have met one of those people.

The funny part is that she called the cops to report him and then attacked for some unknown reason. The cops showed up and after they saw the video from his phone guess who found their ass in jail? That’s right this crazy woman was charged with assaulting the 17-year-old and will have her day in court.

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