As more and more families are struggling through this pandemic all additional costs are being cut right now including having to make some very difficult decisions about furry family members. It's very tough to be in that situation but unfortunately, it is common here in Western Colorado. According to KKCO, this is creating an issue with too many kittens to look after.

What really started this overabundance of animals was the beginning of the pandemic. You saw lots of animals (just like people) putting off elective surgeries such as being spayed or neutered, it was an additional cost that many people couldn't handle at the time.

The time for cats to reproduce is from the time they're born up to almost six months. This is also a big reminder to not put off elective surgeries, as the longer you wait the more difficult it could be to take action on any issues your animal is having.

After reading this if you're interested in caring for one of these animals you can reach out to the Roice-Hurst Humane Society, Gand Valley Pets Alive, Animal Birth Control, or Mesa County Animal Services.

Please remember before adding any pet to your family that this is a life long commitment to this animal. They have already been moved around so much they need a good home with loving family members. It's far too often around the holidays an animal sounds like a great gift but no one wants to take care of him or her. So, please think long and hard before you add a furry family member, and if you decided to make it happen remember it's forever.

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