Country Jam is almost here, and you know what that means. Yes, four fun-filled days of using a telephone booth for a bathroom. Since we're all a little rusty after having taken a year off, here's a little refresher (pun intended) course.

Nothing spells F.U.N. like walking in on someone when they're hard at work in the bathroom. Fortunately, porta-potty doors come equipped with these handy little mechanisms designed to prevent unwelcome visitors. Unfortunately, many people choose not to use them.

Walking in on someone when they're in the bathroom is embarrassing for all parties involved. Walking in on a member of the opposite sex while they're in the bathroom can scar the psyche.

Please utilize the door locking mechanism. Not only does it seal the door, it also indicates to those outside the unit is occupied.

Let's enjoy a trauma-free Jam. Make the most of the music, friends, great beverages, and privacy.

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